Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living
Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living


When I walk through the fields, I can feel the seeds that have been hibernating over the winter and are now waking up. They are beginning to feel the influx of sunlight, sunlight and sunlight.

One of the uplifting global trends that we are seeing, is more and more women standing up for their right to be respected, this is .
Like so many women, I cry tears for their pain and ...

Like many places in Europe, we have recently had snow and freezing temperatures, down to -8°C! We were able to take our daily walk in the fields because the mud was so thick that it was too cold to walk....

One of the interesting things about Covid is that mental health issues are being discussed more openly. In addition, many of the truths we talk about in the Teachings are e...


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