Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living
Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living

Conscious living

Spirituality is rooted in becoming more conscious.

Without consciousness, our life is mainly one of repeated patterns (karma).

Consciousness gives us the ability to break out of these patterns. Raising our consciousness is at the heart of awakening to the reality of existence. This is the nature of the spiritual path.

Without conscience, we are blinded by our fears and insecurities. With consciousness, we can seek true contentment and become what we were destined to become.

The challenges of life help us to become more aware and there are multiple practices that can support this process.

At Ik Saran Dhian, we work with many of them.

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To go to La Source is to accept to go to the heart of oneself and to receive the hearts of others into one's hands. It's an incredible moment of sharing that is engraved in you.

Sita Bachan Kaur

Seva - Karma Yoga

Séva (selfless service) stems from a mental state where we are honored to serve the One. 

We are no longer concerned with the opinions of others or waiting for recognition. 

We feel blessed with the opportunity to serve.

With the practice of Séva, we confront our erroneous identifications with the outside world.  

Séva creates the internal friction that will make our perception of ourselves, and the world around us, more real.
Ik Saran Dhian offers the possibility of Seva.

Through the repeated practice of seva we can realize all the facets of our personality and begin to abandon patterns and identifications that are not at the service of our soul.

'In the beginning, humanity and selfless service were created together,

for the purpose of converting the pain of this world into happiness.' Bhagavad Gita

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