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International School of Sacred Living
Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living

Teachings for men

Essentially, man is a sower. But his essence is not only biological.

According to the Yogic Teachings, he wants to be matured, crystallized through all the dimensions of his being. In other words, man's spiritual essence is manifested in his character, which he forges and cultivates throughout his life.

Teaching and sharing with others, makes him mature his human caliber, his excellence and his ability to be a leader. A leader first and foremost in his own life. Free to make his own choices. Independent. Sovereign. Focused. And relaxed. In a word: Happy.

The age of initiations by a guru or master is over. But the company of spiritual men continues to be fundamental for self-initiation and spiritual maturation in the Teachings.

In this environment, man can enter and stay in touch with what he feels and experiences. He can experience and cross the ocean of his own vulnerability and discover the immutable essence of himself.

In this way, it can become an unshakeable source of light for the world around. Constant and positive. An example.

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I wanted to thank you for your neutral and benevolent attitude, always far from any judgment. It is a very precious gift. It's magical. Like those weeks I spent with you. Magical.'

Jodha Sangat Singh

The Spiritual Man

Rather than entertaining illusions about who he is, the spiritual man needs to identify habits that sustain, nourish, and practically manifest his spirit.

It is a sign of spiritual maturity to be interested in universal principles and their human virtues and to embody them in one's life.

It is a sign of human maturity to place one's historical self, one's history, one's wounds before an immutable and absolute reference. 

Thus, the spiritual man begins to put behind him the struggle to maintain an incomplete and fragmented identity, the main cause of his stress and troubles.

In the end, it is very restful to be yourself, when you rely on, and represent, a principle you believe in.



Kirpal Singh offers an annual retreat for men in France. Click on the button above: 'retreat details' for more information.

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'If a man knows his worth, the whole world will value it.'

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