Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living
Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living

Teachings for women

Historically, women's identity has been determined by how women are perceived through the eyes of men, rather than through their own eyes and experiences.

Women are beginning to realize that their true power lies in being themselves.

In the midst of unprecedented reports of sexual, emotional and racist abuse, women are regaining their power, coming together as sisters and providing each other with wisdom and support.

The more women recognize the power of their intuition, wisdom and compassion, the more we will see the emergence of a collective consciousness of humanity.

It is about regaining authority over one's life, awakening and sharpening one's presence, clarity of mind, and making conscious choices.

Ishwara Kaur shares Teachings for Women with the aim of training women to play an active role in this revolution.


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''Your knowledge and wisdom is absolutely astonishing. Your words were so fascinating and I was totally intrigued and inspired by you.

Catherine Barnes


At certain times in our lives, when we face crucial moments, we need advice, coming from a Teacher, a friend or the sangat - the community.

It may also be helpful to take a consultation.

Consultations with Ishwara Kaur are possible via SKYPE, by telephone or - if possible - in person.

Ishwara Kaur offers intuitive consultations in English or other languages with translation.


Ishwara Kaur offers regular retreats for women throughout France. Click on the button above: 'retraites dates' for more information.

She also offers online events for women. See the 'online' events on the calendar for more information.

If you would like to organise a retreat, please let Ishwara know.

'If you remember that you're part of infinity,

then no harm can come to you.'

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