Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living
Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living

Ik Saran Dhian, Kundalini Yoga

A sanctuary 

for people who want to find out who they are.

With authentic Teachers who inspire by their living example.

Down-to-earth spirituality for everyday life.

A community that offers you an open space.

Awaken the human you're supposed to become!

Sacred Teachings

We are an expanding international community of like-minded souls.

We support each other to grow and learn:

Universal Sacred Teachings

Kundalini Yoga Technology

Sacred Numerology

Teachings and guidance for women, men and couples

Community Gatherings

The sacred sound vibration

We speak our different languages


We have a mentoring program

Individual consultations are offered by the Directors of the School.


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