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Ik Saran Dhian
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Karam Kriya

Karam Kriya is based on a few seemingly simple principles whose implications for our lives can be manifold.

1 tree cannot exist without the number One.
2 cats cannot exist without the number Two.
3 sisters cannot exist without .....

Numbers are the prerequisite for existence.
They are points of primary intelligence, the abacus.

Their relationship forms the matrix,
a common language across differences of religion, philosophy, culture etc.

Their mental, academic study is numerology.

Taking their guidance, to decode the world around us and make useful changes in our lives, that is Sacred Numerology.

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Your Teaching is maturing in me and my life has taken a different path since I went through your school. I owe you a lot. Thank you for what you are transmitting to us with love and kindness...'

Simleen Sangat Kaur

Why numerology?

The study of numbers through your life, and of your life through numbers, is an approach to raising your consciousness.

Without reference to principles our life lacks something.

Through number consciousness you anchor yourself in something deep, rich and absolute.

Having such an anchor helps to free oneself from misplaced implications in the superficial world.

As you develop a sense of the number of things you are less fascinated by their form.

Number consciousness can change your outlook on life.
Numbers will give you a parallel reference and commentary to everything.

It's as if, on an ongoing basis, you have an X-ray vision of the world around you.

Number consciousness will challenge your mental constructs, their veracity and your virtual and relative reality.

Numbers are accurate and have innate integrity.

By allowing their intelligence to guide us, we can experience a profound re-alignment.




Most of our lives are made up of repetitive patterns (karmas).

When our life goes around in circles, when our communications no longer work, we look for a model, a reference to reformulate our life.

The world outside, rather than helping us to change for the better, tends to replace the patterns with others, equally useless and even harmful.

Sooner or later, the fundamental question must be asked: Who am I?

A consultant is a human being at the service of your humanity with knowledge, experience and numbers as a reference to guide the consultation.

It confronts your mental games and will explore how you can change your relationship to yourself and the world around you.

It is the human dimension of a consultation that can touch, and eventually heal, the wounds of a human life. 

The ultimate goal of a consultation is to awaken your highest potential and the meaning of your mission in life.

During a consultation  

  • you learn how to diagnose yourself
  • we train ourselves to free ourselves rather than depend on others
  • explore how to better manage relationships with others
  • one becomes realistic about what is expected of one's self
  • one recognizes, accepts and agrees to be oneself

Life is a game. It's up to you to decide what game you play.  

Stop the old games, learn how to simplify your life.

Simplicity brings unforced joy.

Date of birth

Recognize the five dimensions/branches/facets of your birth date and their implications in your life.

The analysis of the date of birth is a good introduction to Sacred Numerology - Karam Kriya.

It's on Zoom.

Typically every couple of weeks.

Beginners are welcome.

The sessions involve:

  • practical examples from the participants' lives
  • public consultations (with the agreement of the person concerned)
  • voluntary work to be done between sessions
  • self-directed research (managed by you)

It's a good way:

  • to experiment how to take the guidance of numbers
  • to learn how to make useful changes in our lives.
  • to find support and inspiration for your personal and collective research
  • to join the community of our Ik Saran Dhian School...

Tuesday night in French -
Tuesday: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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'Karam Kriya is the study of numbers...

throughout life and life through numbers.

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