Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living
Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living

Karam Kriya Consultancy Training

This training offers students the opportunity to learn about communication and relationships.

First of all by examining the nature of their mind to make it transparent.

Then through a thorough exploration of the five universal voices that speak within each.

And finally by continuously relying on the reference of numbers in the relationship to the point of becoming themselves a reference point for others.

It is a stimulating course that appeals to the motivation and willingness of students to engage in an accelerated and self-directed learning process.

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Thank you for your Teachings, for who you are, for having fed my roots like pure water to my foundations so that I could grow and build my house.

Adi Manpreet Kaur


Develop the skills and awareness required to hold an open, neutral and sacred space.

Space, in which individuals or groups can engage in the process of Karam Kriya and the progressive awakening of their consciousness.

The training offers a language that will be like a bridge between the personal and the cosmic.
The consultants will develop their own style of excellence and personal expression in the 5 natural languages, which are :

Magic [numbers]
Medicine [time/energy]
Science [shape/space technology]
Art [conscious sensitivity]
Education [learning to learn]


Some important points

Depending on the students' commitment, the course can be presented and experienced in a clear and systematic progression. Students will be expected to complete some assignments in their free time.
One of the objectives of the course is to obtain a certificate as a Karam Kriya consultant.
Who will recognize this course and certificate?
The first point is this:
Will you recognize him? You will be invited to explore the concept of self-qualification and to relate it to the status granted to this type of work in a changing world as well as in the general context of the current therapeutic field in France.
Course Format :
The course will include a presentation of content, group discussion, pair work, student work.

Program - Part 1

Train the mind to better understand
Change comes through exchange. The exchange is done in relation. Relationship is communication. Being a presence that consciously inspires a significant change in communication with others in the world is only possible after sacrificing our misconceptions.
The first part of the Training is to see through the mind and its many tricks; we will examine the ego-mind and the games it plays from the point of view of spiritual insight. In particular, we will study the 7 stages of hell as opposed to the 7 stages of happiness. In addition, you will learn to recognize the cosmic fairy tale that is played out in the life of every human being. With this transparency of mind, we will take a new look at the concept of a code of professional conduct.
Freeing the consciousness from the trap of mistaken identity then trains the mind to the true vision and understanding that will make our words become a bridge between the individual and the cosmic, the personal and the universal. Mind will be able to perceive and honor the divine order in action.
This part of the training also aims to explore the professional basics of Karam Kriya Consultancy, the question and answer game, the use of the visual faculty of the mind and the nature of knowledge.
The students will have to be highly motivated and ready to follow an accelerated learning process as well as to continue the Training in their free time by working at home.

Program - Part 2

The five universal voices and their sequences
The second part of the training will begin to explore the whole nature of language and communication in general. You will be introduced to the 5 voices that govern all human communication. You can imagine that each conversation between two people takes place on 4 telephone lines at the same time, while the synthesis of these lines gives the 5th voice. You will be introduced to each of these lines of communication and how they are connected to each other. You will have a general idea of the nature of each voice and its path.
It is also recommended to study the second step described above over a minimum of 5 days of Training. For some people this may be all they wish to do and the general introduction phase will be completed.

Program - Part 3

The voice of magic is numbers...
In this third step, we will introduce the fundamental universal laws at work behind each system, religion and philosophy. If the universal attitude is that of loving service, the common essence, or basic elements, of each Teaching is the subtle language of numbers. In this third step, you will become familiar with the magic of numbers and begin to develop a kind of X-ray vision that will allow you to see the inner structure of all things and all people.

Program - Part 4

Application of Voices in Healing Conversation
Now it's time to go further. The fourth step is for those who are willing to take this work more seriously.
It is proposed to go further than the introductions that have been shared so far and to intensify the study of each of the voices and their interrelation. We will examine in depth the specific themes of each voice that plays its part in the life of each person. We will learn to be flexible enough in our own communication to be able to choose the voice with which we respond to others. We will know the mysterious voice of magic, the compassionate voice of medicine, the rational voice of science, the intuitive voice of art and the integrative voice of learning.
It is recommended that the student spend at least 5 days of training on each of the first four voices. This is a minimum of 20 days. There will be a lot of home study for the student, who will be enthusiastic and committed.

Program - Part 5

Then, a 5th step will be dedicated to the advanced and specialized application of number knowledge and 5 voices. We will examine the implications of this knowledge for group work and other specialized areas according to the needs of the students in the course. This stage will include the supervision of the student in the study and application of his or her choice.

Program - Part 6

This is for those who wish to get involved as trainers in Karam Kriya.

"The purpose of life is to become a point.

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