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Ik Saran Dhian
International School of Sacred Living

The Yoga of Sound

In Naad Yoga, literally, the Yoga of Sound, we train ourselves to awaken our consciousness until we merge, through sound, with our origin, which is often referred to as the Divine.

The entire universe, from the most concrete materiality to the most subtle idea, is a vibration.

Every yoga practice, physical, mental or meditative, begins and ends with this realization: I was born from the primordial sound, the Naad, and I am part of it now.

If yoga today seems to be a purely physical practice, devoid of its spiritual substance, the primordial sound, the Naad, is the fruit, the means and the ultimate goal of all yogic efforts.

In practice, it is a matter of perceiving this sound, in itself, and then resonating in this sound, joining this primordial sound.


I come home renewed after this intense New Year's retreat, and I begin the New Year with a surge of joy, trust, strength and love and heavenly connection!

Vincent Dellsperger

Naad Yoga

By consciously tuning oneself, through singing, to this universal vibration, to the rhythm of the breath, one extends one's sensitivity, to the point of crystallizing the universal consciousness in oneself to become a sounding board. 

In Teaching Kundalini Yoga we learn to actively merge in and share this vibration.

As the mystical masters say: The drop dissolves in the ocean. And the ocean is in the drop.


Shabd Guru

The Shabad Guru, or Siri Guru Granth Sahib, is the sacred book of the Sikhs.

Composed in Gourmukhi, a distant cousin of Sanskrit, the Shabad Guru is at the origin of most of the mantras of Kundalini Yoga.

Often referred to as the Fifth Weda, it reformulates and crystallizes the Mystical Teachings that have sprouted on the Indian continent.

This wonderful synthesis of Indian spiritual thought and practice, whether Buddhist, Jain, Hindu, or Yogic, appears at the end of the Bhakti reform movement, the Indian renaissance.

It is a collection of mystical poems by Hindu, Sufi and Yogi masters, culminating in the songs of the Sikh Gurus:

Nanak, the beloved, and his successors.

The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is both an inexhaustible source of wisdom and a vast exposition of cosmic principles and their practical application in life.  

The poetic language shows us how 'the authors' were personally touched by their experience with the Divine.

Akanth Paath

Exceptionally, this retreat will not take place from 2023 to 2024, as in December 2021 we will be moving out of Rumont and starting a search for a new home for the school.

But it will take place in August 2024.

Akanth Paath is an extremely deep meditative practice that is done in community.

Everyone, novice and initiated, in turn, reads the Shabd Guru, in translation or transliteration, during periods of the day and night.

This creates a collective sacred space that gives access to the state of inner silence, where the Divine, the mystery, speaks within us, teaching us about our true nature.
We understand and learn how to get rid of harmful mental habits.

It is a path of simplicity and devotion, to the heart, within everyone's reach.

We propose an Akanth Paath as an annual retreat to welcome the New Year.

No previous experience is required.

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'O Nanak, Naad's immaculate sound current... and music

of Shabd resonate; we blend in with the true name of the Lord. SGGS

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