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Ik Saran Dhian
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21 stages of meditation

Yogi Bhajan described 21 distinct steps on the spiritual path to realization. In three journeys and 7 steps, each of the 21 steps focuses on a particular dimension of the self.

  • The first journey: the crystallized self - experiencing and crystallizing the self.
    Annoyance; Boredom; Irritation; Frustration; Focus; Absorption; Experiencing and crystallizing the self.
  • The second journey: self-experience - distilling and expressing the self.
    Rasa; Joy; Politeness; Humility; Elevation; Graceful illumination; Express and be yourself.
  • The third journey: the transcendent self - to sublimate and transcend the self.
    Luminous Presence; Pervasive Light; Silent Prayer; Preacher; Teacher; Wise; Infinite Pulse.

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"The experience of this meditation was as transformative as the birth of my child.

Karan Adesh Kaur


'I've learned more in three days of mind and meditation than in five years of studying psychology!'


21 Stages of Meditation

For each step, there is a meditation or a series of meditations to practice.

Their practice has an impact on our experience of life and our self. Little by little we develop the resources to support us from within, in order to become who we really are. 

Each journey represents a process, a development that initiates the maturation of our full potential and our relationship with the self. Each journey cultivates the appropriate methods for each step on the path. 

Like in the mountains, each step lifts us up. Little by little, we see what we would never have seen at low altitude. Vegetation and trees change as well as the air quality. 

The exercise and discipline of climbing awakens and strengthens us; we have a sense of accomplishment and a deeper experience of ourselves.

21 Stages of Meditation with Ik Saran Dhian

Ik Saran Dhian offers the 21 stages of meditation over three years, with 5 days per year per session. This allows us to explore each stage of the journey more deeply while experiencing the specific meditations. 

During the year, there is time to practice and integrate the meditations before the next session.

You can join the training at any time without waiting for the first journey.

The training is open to all. It is recommended to have experienced Kundalini Yoga, but this is not an absolute requirement.

'Realization is when the you in you works -

and relax.'

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